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Step into a world of mesmerizing green beauty with “Malachite Mirage,” a captivating resin wall art that draws its inspiration from the enchanting malachite stone. This exquisite piece effortlessly captures the essence of malachite’s lush green hues and intricate patterns, translating them into a visual masterpiece that transports you to a realm of natural wonder.

At the heart of the artwork, layers of rich emerald and verdant green resin flow like a cascading river, mirroring the depth and vibrancy of the most exquisite malachite specimens. The resin’s surface shimmers with a polished luster, inviting you to explore its intricate patterns and nuances. Delicate veins and swirls of darker green meander through the layers, reminiscent of the intricate banding that characterizes malachite.


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Dimensions 100 × 70 cm