Jade Serenity


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Step into a world of tranquil elegance with “Jade Serenity”,  a captivating resin wall art that draws its inspiration from the timeless allure of jade stone. This exquisite piece captures the essence of jade’s cool, soothing beauty and translates it into a mesmerizing visual masterpiece.The heart of the artwork is a harmonious dance of lush green hues, reminiscent of the verdant shades found in the most exquisite jade specimens. Layers of translucent resin cascade like liquid glass, expertly manipulated to emulate the depth and texture of carved jade. The surface of the resin shimmers with a polished sheen, inviting you to lose yourself in its intricate details. As your gaze explores the piece, you’ll discover delicate specks of gold scattered within the resin, echoing the delicate inclusions sometimes found in genuine jade. These metallic accents catch the light, casting gentle reflections that add a touch of opulence and intrigue to the composition.

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Dimensions 100 × 2 × 180 cm